New Aftercare Information

New Aftercare Information will be added to this page whenever any new information becomes available.

 I will then update the Aftercare Booklet with all the new information below. 

The following information will be added to the Aftercare Booklet in December

Instillagel: Is an excellent Numbing Gel which can be used prior to a vulval biospy and also after vulval surgery. Please check with your nurse this will be safe for you to use, and if so please as stated do a skin sensitivity test on a small area of your vulva, before you apply it to the whole of the vulva.


We have found putting this gel in the fridge it is a lot more soothing when you apply it. It will be very cool and will immeditately ease any pain, discomfort or itching until it does acutallly numb your vulva which is usually within a few minutes.


This Gel can only be prescribed by your GP or your Consultant, you cannot buy this over the counter. 

However, you can buy a Gel called Lignocaine which also numbs the area, but is not as affective as the Instillagel.