Hats 4 Heads After Chemo

Hats 4 Heads


Hats 4 heads was set up by 2 sisters, Corrine and Suzanne, after Suzanne lost her hair through chemotherapy.


I believe the best recommendations come from the patients themselves, as apposed to the larger companies who really have no idea how it really feels to loose you hair and then have to suffer the indignity of being offered an NHS wig to have to wear!!!


I have looked at what Corrine and Suzanne have to offer to other patients and I think this has to be the loveliest selection of all kinds of head coverings for females and also males which I have ever seen. 

The most important issue of all is that the headwear is extremely comfortable to wear and also very reasonable priced.




For this reason, Hats 4 Heads aim to provide stylish hats for all ages with one main requirement: they must be comfortable for people who have lost their hair through illness.

Corrine and Suzanne also offer to travel to homes to allow Ladies to try their head coverings on in the comfort of their own home, with no pressure. You will need to check with Corrine and Suzanne what their boundaries are and how far they will be able to travel.


They also offer a mail order where you will find details on the website about this.


They also supply Internationally, I do know many Ladies struggle to get something pretty and comfortable outside of the UK and I am sure  this service will be very welcome by those ladies who reside outside our country.


They also offer Health and Beauty Products, accessories and also Jewellery, so please take a look for yourself and everything can be ordered on line and will be delivered directly to your home.


Please check Corrine and Suzanne's website out at the following link...  

I am sure you will not be disappointed.


You can also order a brochure on their website.

Please, pass this link on to you local hospital, hospices, Cancer Centres, Macmillan Centre’s and anywhere else you feel is appropriate for it to be advertised and help other patients to access this excellent service.


 If for any reason you are not happy, please return within 10 days of receipt and a refund will be made.


A poster is available to download for you below so please feel free to print this off and pass around to anywhere you think appropriate for this to be displayed.


Thank You 4 Hair Poster PDF.pdf


Information regarding Chemotherapy will shortly be available on this page.


Thank you for your patience!