The Shewee

The Shewee is a great little gadget which is useful for Ladies from many walks of life. It is definitely a life changer for Ladies who have had vulval surgery of any kind. It fits neatly over the vulva allowing very little urine to actually come into contact with the vulva, which is so helpful after any vulval surgery and also reduces the risk of infection and aggravating the area, which can be quite painful after having such surgery.




Ladies who have had extensive vulval surgery or any kind of vulval surgery can sometimes experience a problem when they urinate. This is usually leads to their urine “spraying” early after surgery and then an ongoing problem of going to one side as opposed to going directly down into the toilet. This can be very embarrassing for ladies, and especially if we are out or visiting friends or relatives. There is always the fear of a possible accident when using the toilet.


I was impressed when I tried the Shewee for the first time as it allows the urine flow to be direceted straight down into the toilet. It also allows Ladies to use the toilet whilst stood up which will is a lot easier just after surgery.

It can be quite painful to sit down after such surgery so this amazing little gadget this will be welcome by many Ladies. Anything which helps Ladies to feel more comfortable after this surgery, and help prevent and ease their pain has to be taken seriously by the NHS. Take a look at how the Shewee can help ladies recovering after vulval surgery.


I am hoping the NHS will eventually  supply Shewee’s to Ladies who have had vulval surgery, this can also be useful for other medical conditions and ongoing problems, in females and also males.


If you are a health professional, regardless of your speciality in any health issue, please take a look at the Shewee at  as this can be successfully used for many other health issues and will give many patients their dignity back. Something many patients forfeit during or after many surgeries and other ongoing health issues.


Ideally, the NHS should provide these to patients and not leave the patients to have to buy their own. The NHS would also receive a significant reduction in the cost of purchasing the Shewee in bulk.


For more information please visit the shewee website at or call them on


Tel:  0844 800 8270 (local rate)
Fax: +44 (0)173 781 9400


you can also email them at


The link for UK and International ordering on line is


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