Vulva Self Examination Leaflet

What you should know about a VSE - The Benefits of Vulva Self Examinations

The vulva refers to the external female genital organs. Yet, how often do most Ladies examine their vulva? Would you know the right way to check your vulva and what to look for?


Would you be able to find the early signs of important changes which could mean the start of a simple disorder, or one of the diseases which can affect the vulva and in some cases, cancer of the vulva?


If you're not in the habit of doing vulva self exams, or if you're not sure of the importance or the right way to do self exams find out how a simple self exam of the vulva can alert you to a problem before serious infection develops or before vulval cancer develops.



Why Vulva Self Exams - The Importance of Early Detection


Women may have early infections or precancerous growths, but may not be aware of changes in the vulva until the disease becomes more advanced. 

Yet, if caught early, your Doctor can better treat, as well as prevent the spread of infection or growths on the vulva. The key is early detection.

A simple self exam of the vulva is the most important habit you can start now to help you notice important changes in the vulva changes which need to be reported and discussed with your Doctor.

Who Should Perform VSE?

All women who are sexually active, or women who are not sexually active but are over 18 years old.


How Often Should VSE Be Performed?

Once a month, just as recommended for breast self exams; or any time you have symptoms related to the vulva. Women with any history of vulval disease are encouraged to perform vulva self exams more often. (Vulva self exams are best performed between menstrual periods.)


Most changes or new growths on the vulva will not be cancerous,  and will only need minor treatment. But, you should report all changes to your Doctor to determine the best care at the first sign of a problem.


Vulval diseases are most easily, safely, and successfully treated when discovered early. Now you know and have yet another good way to help protect your own health care by doing a monthly vulval self examination, this is a good time to start these self exams.